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Ask us here at Horticultural Alliance about Horta-Sorb®, our flagship super absorbent polymer brand.

Super Absorbent Polymers | GELS

Traditionally, super-absorbent polymers have been used most as a bare root treatment, with the majority of focus being in forestry and landscaping businesses. Of course, as a bare root treatment, super-absorbent polymers are an ideal defense against desiccation, as well as, being a proactive measure to ensure the health of tree and plant roots.


1Turf and Sod
Super Absorbant gels hold 500% their wieght in water. Critical for hot dry weather.

2Greenhouse and Nursery
Add gels to potted plants for transport moisutre stress.

3Interior Plants
Add it to the soil when you pot up your plants.


Solution? Horta-Sorb®

Flower Beds | Super-Absorbent Polymers

Broadcast-Horta-Sorb® MD at the rate of 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft. and work into the earth 4-6 inches deep. Plant as usual.


Turf  | Superabsorbent Polymers

Soil amendment: Broadcast Horta-Sorb® MD at the rate of 3 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. With sprigging and seeding, work into the first 1″ of soil with a till or by chain drag, dressing at this rate for every 2 inches of soil depth, i.e., you could apply 3X the normal rate with 9 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft., incorporated in six inches.

With sod, simply lay sod on top of treated area, without the need for tilling, at the 3 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft. rate.


Greenhouse/Nursery And Superabsorbent Polymers

Potting mix amendment: Mix Horta-Sorb® LG or MD (depending on the size of the container – any questions, give us a call) with potting mix at the rate of 2 pounds per cubic yard. This rate is an average. For highly drained mixes, or mixes that you want to hold even more water in use a higher rate, i.e., 3 pounds, etc.

Bare root treatment: Dipping Roots: Mix Horta-Sorb® SM at the rate of 1 lb. per 30 to 35 gallons of water to form a root dip* the consistency of a heavy gravy. Adjust application rate to achieve this consistency.

Spraying Roots: Remove screens in equipment. Prepare mixture the same as Dipping Roots.

Interior Plants | Superabsorbent Polymers

Containerized: The best way to use Horta-Sorb® with containerized plants is to add the Horta-Sorb® MD or LG (depending on size of container) at the time of potting up the plants at the rate of 2 pounds per cubic yard of mix. If the plants are already in containers then you must get the gel crystals into the mix with the use of a pencil, or similar object and seal mix.

Potted plants: Poke one hole for each inch of pot diameter with a pencil, or similar object. Use the following application rates and evenly distribute into all the holes this amount of Horta-Sorb® LG.

As you can see, Horta-Sorb® superabsorbent polymers are now used in a wide range of applications. And this is just the beginning!             What is the Most Accepted Use of a Superabsorbent Polymer?

Traditionally, super-absorbent polymers have been used most as a bare root treatment.