Yellow Leaves on Houseplants Can Be Biological

Your Soil Could Be Imbalanced

Bacteria are breaking down the wood chips in the potting soil. They are competing with the plant for nutrients.

Do You?

1Do you have drain holes in your plant pot?
If so then you need to saturate the soil until it runs out of the bottom. These holes allow flushing of salty fertilizers, and eliminates over watering, the leading cause of yellow leaves.
2Do you let the soil dry out until the dirt separates or shrinks from the side of the pot?
Then your letting it get too dry, the second cause of yellow leaves.
3Did you just buy the plant?
Then the plant is getting acclimated to the lower light inside your home. There is nothing to do but wait it out and see if the plant can adapt to the lower light levels.
4Doing all of this correctly?
Then you have a more advanced problem. You have an imbalance of soil microbes that don't benefit the plant.

Seeing This?


Solution? DIEHARDTM BioRushR

Modern potting soil is majority wood chips that are a huge source of cellulose and lignin. These organic substances require a different class of bacteria and fungi to break down. The microbes are called saprophytes. Saprophytes feed on dead material and DO NOT form symbiotic relationships with plant roots. In fact they need NITROGEN to complete this process and lack of NITROGEN can cause yellow leaves on houseplants. What other organism needs NITROGEN to grow? Right, the plant.

 So what happens? We add more fertilizer because of yellow leaves so when the plant gets too dry, the salts in the fertilizer dry out and burn the roots. This further aggravates the problem and make the yellow leaves worse.

Symbiotic bacteria or Rhizobacteria form actual physical bonds with plant roots and feed the plant by converting the humic substances created by the Saprophytes into usable nutrition for the plant’s growth. Adding BioRushR  plant probiotics to balance the microorganisms in the potting soil and avoid the yellow leaves that plague us all. BioRushR is a blend of beneficial Rhizobacteria and fungi to help complete the balance of a proper Soil Food Web and proper plant growth and no yellow leaves.