A while back, tree bags were a novel approach to keeping newly planted trees watered. Water would seep out of the bottom of the bag over the course of a few hours. But we’ve come a long way, and it’s definitely time to bag this old-school approach.

The Newer Idea Isn’t Really New Anymore

Superabsorbent gel polymers like our Horta-Sorb(TM) can hold up to 300-400 times their own weight in water. When they were introduced, they were a dramatic improvement over watering bags in terms of water delivery.

But these gels aren’t a new idea anymore — they are proven, they are more effective, and they are readily available (like here).

The Gel Advantage

First, superabsorbent gels have a strategic advantage: They keep water right in the root zone where they newly planted tree or shrub has easy and consistent access to it. Bags drip from above, and if the water doesn’t seep down far enough, the roots will actually be encouraged to grow shallower instead of deeper.

Then there’s reduced labor. Once in place, gels have no additional work required! No filling, no moving, no dragging, no wear and tear. They recharge through your ordinary irrigation without any extra work from you or your people.

And because looks matter when you’re trying to create a beautiful outdoor space, let’s agree that bags around your trees are kind of ugly. These big black or green bladders are easily mistaken for trash bags at times — not the goal you are aiming for in a landscape design. Meanwhile, gel polymers are quietly at work under the soil and out of sight.

Effortless Payback

For just $5 to $10, Horta-Sorb can supply a tree with all the hydration it needs to establish and grow vigorously. All you do is introduce it to the backfill when planting.

Granted, this isn’t the most gripping business decision you’re going to make today. But still, it’s time for a pivot and some old habits just need to be replaced. It’s a win for your trees and your budget.

You can purchase Horta-Sorb right from this site, or contact us anytime for additional information.