Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Tree Bags

Super Absorbent Gels hold water more efficiently and with less costs and no unsightly bags.

Bag Costs Add Up

How about a watering system that self-fills and doesn't look like trash on the side of the road? Bags can't even deliver the water in the most sound horticultural way. Gels keep the water right in the root zone next to a newly planted tree or shrub.


Super Absorbent Polymers DO NOT require any additional labor after application.

TreeGator bags are unsightly. Super Absorbent Polymers are invisible to the naked eye under ground.

Because Super Absorbent Polymers are recharged with irrigation and they are holding water in the critical zone of new root growth.

Solution? Horta-Sorb®

Horticultural Gels are a great alternative to tree watering bags.

Super Absorbent Polymers are a better way to keep new trees and shrubs hydrated during the establishment period. Because they do not require human labor to recharge the water, they can be much cheaper to use. $5-$10.00 worth of Horta-Sorb® can supply a tree with all the hydration it needs to establish.

They also deliver the moisture in the critical zone of new root growth. This ensures new roots are strong and vigorous. The gels are mixed with back-fill during planting. They absorb up to 500% their weight in water to hold it in place for new root growth.

It’s about results!

Use gels instead of bags for faster establishment and less tree losses. Don’t spend more money refilling bags.


At 25-$30.00 each tree bags can be very expensive over the life of the bag. Bag cost, labor to fill and refill. It adds up.