How many times have you seen a new landscape installation without any dead trees?

Almost always there are a few dead, or dying. And the installer is hoping they will ‘come out in the Spring’ and he won’t have to replace them. This he says while wringing his crossed-fingered hands as he gets in his truck and gets out of there.

I remember asking Katy Moss Warner, Director of Horticulture, Disney in Orlando, what their survival rate was when planting trees. She said, 100%! I said how can that be? She said if a leaf falls off a transplant, we replace it that same night.

Well, there you have it.  If you have an unlimited budget you can get a 100% take with landscape trees. Problem is we don’t have Disney landscape budgets to work with.

In reality the cost of replacing dead trees is dollar-for-dollar right out of YOUR PROFITS!!!


Plus 10 times the tree cost in labor, wasted time and money; lost reputation, and customers.

When you bid a job, the total cost of replants are a part of your bid if you intend to stay in business. But, just because you have reset costs figured in, doesn’t mean you have to spend the money. In fact, business-smart companies figure out the lowest cost way to plant without dead trees. They use DIEHARD™ Transplant soil amendments– 20 years – and getting better all the time...AND, they DO NOT REPLANT because there is little to no replants.

COST only .006% of PROJECT!!