Fungal hyphae are the connections between soil particles that allow bacteria to move about.

Don’t just buy beneficial soil bacteria for your landscape. You’ll need fungi to complete the ecosystem.

Many people are going to buy soil bacteria for their lawn, landscape, or garden. However if they choose to only buy one type of microbe like bacteria and forget about soil fungi, they may be waiting longer to see results. That’s why our products have both bacteria and fungi along with microbial foods to get the party started.


It seems that the microscopic strands of mycorrhizae fungi called hyphae are the system of ‘roads’ that enable soil bacteria to come together to exchange DNA when they divide. 

One of the ways bacteria adapt to changing environments is to exchange DNA with other nearby bacteria. It’s as close to bacteria sex as you are going to get. So how does a lonely bacteria find their soul mate? By riding the fungi express. This study in the Journal Nature explains how the bacteria we buy can use hyphae to relocate to other areas to meet up with other bacteria.

Scientific American wrote this article for those of us who want a more simple explanation. The researchers used bacteria made to glow either red or green. They were able to show that certain colored bacteria were able to appear in areas where they were not introduced but the fungi hyphae were present. They assert that the hyphae gives the bacteria a way to come into contact with one another to ‘tango’.

Its a fascinating read and further proof that soils need a complete spectrum of soil microbes to function properly. But how do fungi help bacteria? In a related article called ”