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March 15, 2017
March 15, 2017
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DIEHARD™ Solu-Boost™ is an Endomycorrhizal inoculant that also contains bio-stimulants and bacteria for deep root injection, soil drench, and hydroponics. DIEHARD™ Solu-Boost compound contains dozens of unique ingredients that are core to the DIEHARD™ line. DIEHARD™ Solu-Boost is formulated for use in agriculture with large scale tree plantings in citrus groves and for use in revitalizing declining groves suffering from “citrus greening”, canker, and other devastating crop diseases crippling crops globally. Our intent is to employ an “organic approach” to combating these diseases with the sound belief that a healthy plant, combined with healthy soils are factors often overlooked, but are at the heart of sustainable agriculture.



What it is!

DIEHARDTM Solu-Boost TM is an endomycorrhizal inoculant for deep root injection, soil drench, and hydroponics use containing bio-stimulants, bacteria and fungus.

Product Features:  In citrus groves use with large scale tree plantings and in revitalizing declining groves suffering from “citrus greening”, canker and other devastating crop diseases. Use with water tanks, water wheels, drip tape, root injection or nursery drench. 

Application rate:  Mix 1 lb per 25 to 100 gallons. Note application rates below.

Tip: "Organic approach” to combating citrus diseases

What it does!

Survival, Rooting, Water Absorption, Nutrient Availability, Plant Health, Soil Health, Flowering, Yields and Production

Plant Loss, Fertilizer Use, Need of Pesticides, Heat Stress Damage, Watering, Losses from Drought Conditions.

This One-Time Application “Jump-starts” Mother Nature Endo-Mycorrhiza

What it contains!


Endo-Mycorrhizae Fungi
Psuedomonas & Streptomyces Species

Humic Acid
Soluble Sea Kelp
Yucca Extract
Amino Acids
Trichoderma Fungi

Additional Microbials
Root Promoting Vitamis

How is it used?

New Tree Plantings:
  • Soluble product: Mix at rate of 1 lb. per 25 – 100 gallons of water. Decant, if necessary.
  • Mix with water and use as a mud-in drench when planting new trees.
  • 1. Stand alone application – 1 lb. treats 165 new trees.
  • 2. Used with DIEHARD™ Advantage™- 1 lb. treats 330 new trees.
Established Trees:
  • Soluble product: Mix at rate of 1 lb. per 25 – 100 gallons of water. Decant, if necessary.
  • 1. Root Drench: Mix with sufficient water and drench at the base of tree. One pound treats 50 trees. Use up solution by the end of the day. Irrigate after application.
  • 2. Drip Tape and Microjet: Apply at the rate of two pounds per acre every six months; supplement each 3 months with DIEHARD™ BioRush® at two pounds per acre.
    Irrigate after application

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