What Makes DIEHARD™ Products different?

What Makes DIEHARD™ Products different?

MYCORRHIZAE- DIEHARD™contains the most strains available in the market today. (link data sheet-DHT – Need link#)

With 20-years experience, we have grown Mycorrhizae and learned the exact formulation needed to grow successful plants, achieving a two-year-old mature tree in one year.

With MORE Roots spreading out into the soil through hyphae, the plant flourishes, establishes more quickly and exchanges sugars with the soil critters and nature’s microbials in a joint symbiosis.

DIEHARD™ Products:

  • Increase Survival
  • Increase Yield
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction

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The demand for safer non-toxic lawn care is growing every day.

BioRush® and DIEHARD™Complete can be your “go to products” to reduce fertilizer run-off and limit the use of pesticides. These products are heavy in beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma fungi to synthesize and solubilize minerals and nutrients, enable a healthy carbon cycle and ward off disease. Trichoderma fungi and Bacillus bacteria have even been shown to fight fungal pathogens.

Faster establishment and managing fertilizer and water worries boosts your bottom line.

Reduce Fertilizer Use and Water Worries. DIEHARD Products Help Your Bottom Line Grow

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Let us show you how using biologicals can improve quality, exceed expectations, and increase profits.

Products for Lawn Spraying.

Bacteria and Trichoderma

BioRush Plus Extra Iron

Products for use with Fertilizer

Granular without Gels

Seed, Sod, Sprouts

Bacteria and Trichoderma

Granular without Gels


Bacteria and Trichoderma

Beneficial Endomycorrhizal