Smart Maintenance

Many lawns and gardens become depleted of natural microbes due to chemical pesticides or harsh fertilizers. When plant stress becomes visible, many people instinctively resort to using more of the same. There is a much better way!

Horticultural Alliance restores a healthy ecosystem in your soil and dramatically improves your plants’ root systems with beneficial fungi and bacteria that chemical methods kill off, plus biostimulants (think vitamins and minerals for plant life) that strengthen your plants from within. The result is a stronger plant and a more nourishing environment for it to grow in.

Healthy plants also require less maintenance, so there is benefit all around.

What you see above the ground is the result of what happened below.

To maintain good health, we need vitamins and healthy probiotics. Plants do, too! Use our soluble foliar treatment to boost your soil and nurture your plants to a quick green-up.

DIEHARD™ BioRush®, DIEHARD™ Palm, and DIEHARD™ SoluBoost™ are package friendly and easy to apply. You can use commercial sprayers, soil drenching or incorporate into a planting medium.

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Learn how BioRush and Soluboost can boost your bottom line and allow you to offer biological and organic programs to your customers.

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Learn how BioRush and SoluBoost allow you to offer biological and organic programs to your customers – and grow your bottom line.