As a Landscape Architect, you know that client loyalty is built on results.
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Hi, my name is Jim Quinn.

For nearly 40 years I have formulated several products for landscaping installation and maintenance using fail-save compounds of beneficial fungi and bacteria, biostimulants, and water and nutrient holding gels.   I’ve tromped around hundreds of landscape sites and nurseries with a focus on problems inherent in the establishment of plants in the shortest amount of time at the lowest cost.  We all know without exception landscape materials go into stress when planted.  (The first thing plants do in the ground is shut down.)  We also know sooner or later the plants generally will “take”, most survive, and in time, look good.  Our focus is how to reduce the establishment time from weeks, or months, to days.  Plants that “take” quickly become the best plants yielding a lush landscape your clients notice from the first day of product use.  All this at an astonishingly low cost.

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By the way, we have been working closely with professional landscape architects for several decades.  We attend the ASLA Annual Meeting almost every year for the past 20 years and welcome the opportunity to sponsor benefits for state and local chapters.

Using DIEHARD™ products will make a huge difference for your clients, your firm and your piece of mind.

Finally there is a fail-safe answer to reducing establishment issues and losses.

We  guarantee it!


Jim Quinn, MBA, CPA (Retired)
CEO & Founder
Horticultural Alliance, Inc.


POWERPOINT PRESENTATION  –  DIEHARD Presentation to Landscape Architects

Landscape Architects

With over 100 ingredients, our transplant product “naturalizes” the ground and plant root system dramatically reducing transplant shock and establishing the transplant much faster.

Results matter!

RESULTS come from the company that wrote the book and set the standards in the industry. We offer the most complete products for the professional landscape trade in the world.

No one offers more. No one knows more about your profession.
Trust the leader. Trust the DIEHARD™ brand.


Product Comparison – Label for Label – Don’t Be Mislead
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At the end of the day, the success of a well-designed landscape project is reflected by the condition of the plant materials both initially and once they are established.

The biggest “black box” in the industry is the successful transition of plants from the nursery until they are established in the landscape.  Often the landscape site contains little “life” in the ground where the planting is taking place.  We know this because we’ve taken soil samples from numerous locations to analyze for biological activity and consistently found none! 

Nursery grown plants have been grown in a much accelerated fashion with little thought to developing and nurturing the natural systems that all plants have evolved with.  These systems, including natural immune systems, are not present in plants from a nursery, but are absolutely necessary for symbiosis in the landscape for plants to flourish.


POWERPOINT PRESENTATION  –  DIEHARD Presentation to Landscape Architects

Landscape Architect Brochure

Our products address these issues by including over 100 ingredients to “energize” the ground with dozens of strains of beneficial fungus, bacteria, and biostimulants of humic acid, sea kelp, amino acids and vitamins  to “naturalize” the ground and plant and quicken the relationship between both.  By enabling this symbiosis to happen faster plant stress and hardening off are reduced and plants transition fast.

With our products, we’ve “stacked-the-deck” with ingredients that universities have proclaimed (in tens of thousands of studies); and forward thinking, industry professionals have begun to use in the recently. Think of how many proven plant and micro flora technologies you have learned about in technical conferences. How would you like to use all, or most of them, in a single product?

Now you can. We’ve been improving the way landscapes take hold for over 20 years. Our customer retention rate is over 75% with our biggest market to landscape contractors where the products are not specified. The ingredients we put into our products everyone knows about, but very few take the time and trouble to search out and use, much less combine them for efficacy and an AWESOME Landscape! We’ve taken all the guess work out of using these technologies and offer our experience and tenacity to make your planting projects more successful.

Writing The Specification

When writing the specification the wording must be specific.  Mentioning the use of a mycorrhizal transplant compound in several places will result in a higher percentage of estimators that will bid the project correctly.

An effective specification will list the number and quantity of organisms and ingredients and leave no room for interpretation.  If you require ingredients specifically, you will get good value for your client and superior plant performance.  Specify ingredients, not trade names.

Finally the use our Usage Calculator is a must to determine how many pounds are needed by the contractor and to correctly list the ingredients that ensure expected results.

Call our office as we have trained people that can help you to get this done.

Usage Calculator

If the specification does not require a verifiable receipt, it disadvantages legitimate contractors that are including it in their bids, thus enabling the less-than-correct contractor.

Ted Baker, ASLA

City of Miami, MLA, PL

"HORTICULTURAL ALLIANCE DIEHARD™products are amazing! We have used DIEHARD™ TRANSPLANT for Mitigation Tree installations for several years, and have had a zero loss factor for the 300+ trees we have installed each year."

All of our products contain:

  • Endomycorrhizae 7 species
  • Ectomycorrhizae 3 species
  • Trichoderma 3 species beneficial soil fungi
  • Biostimulants – over a hundred from Sea Kelp Extract, Humic Acid, Yucca Plant Extract
  • Amino Acids which buffer heavy metals and high salts and improves microbial activity in the soil.
  • Vitamins & Enzymes essential for chlorophyll production, cell division, transpiration and respiration.
  • Beneficial Bacteria, nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing, and a growth hormone promoting bacillus to stimulate roots
  • Water Management Gels agricultural grade to better manage water and nutrients.

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