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Let us show you how using biologicals can improve quality, exceed expectations, and increase profits.


Horticultural Alliance has spent over twenty years growing and sourcing the finest, most potent, and viable microorganisms for the horticulture, landscape, forestry, and agriculture markets. Our line of soil amendment compounds are offered on both dry granule for soil mixes, and soluble powders for irrigation injection and drip tube.

Large Scale Growers:

Call now for a customized quote. We will work with you to develop a tailored program for your organic grow. We have many options available for growers to utilize live organisms for in-ground planting, hydroponics, and grow pots. Whether your a no-till grower or mixing new soil for each grow, we will find a way for you to utilize the insane benefits of these natural soil organisms in an affordable, economical manner.

Hemp Farmers:

Our two step system enables you to fully inoculate your seedlings and add live beneficial organisms through your irrigation system or during the planting process. Call today to talk to an cannabis specialist.

Private Label (White Label):

Soil Mixes Seed Breeders Hydroponic
Offer your customers a branded biological amendment with every bag.  Expand your margins and ensure the max results for your customers. Get recurring sales after the initial system set up. Offer a branded nutrient solution.



We are always looking for new partners. Call today to speak with a sales representative about our very generous terms.


Soil Biological Enhancers