Soil and Foliar Treatments for Citrus, Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables

Soil conditions during early stages of plant establishment are crucial to producing high-yield results in sustainable agriculture.

Of all the advances made in plant management in organic farms in recent times, the one area of greatest potential improvement is the soil-roots-plant symbosis. Relationship optimization is critical for food crops and land management. Our DIEHARD™ products represent the latest in technology for you to manage the colonization of plants during the establishment period and beyond.

For those farmers growing organic products, biological fertilization can be a huge tool in your operation to reduce the use of chemicals and get more growth out of natural fertilizers. We also offer our products in bulk for larger farms.

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As the demand for safer organic food grows, you have an ally in Horticultural Alliance. For large farming operations we can supply bulk materials. Click here For more information.

New Plantings - Fruit, Nut & Vineyard:

Bacteria and Trichoderma

Dry Soluble Endomycorrhizal

New Plantings - Vegetables:

Endo - Ecto Mycorrhizae

Dry Soluble Endomycorrhizal

New Planting - Row Crops:

Granular Without Gels

Ongoing Care:

Bacteria and Trichoderma