Private Labeling

Soil amendments for private labeling and plant direct shippers

If you have an idea to expand your organic line of products we would like to help.

You’ve come to the right place. We have over a 75% customer retention rate. We’re not happy. We want it to go to 80% this year.

We offer endo and ectomycorrrhiza, beneficial bacteria, humic acid, trichoderma, sea kelp, yucca and horticultural absorbents. Give us your formula or we will recommend a formula for you to consider. All inquiries are considered confidential and secure.



Direct Plant Shippers

We presently sell to internet plant sellers a transplant compound for them to sell when their customer is in the process of checking out. Our research show a high percentage of conversions for this business which can generate not only a happy customer because their plant does so well but also a significant revenue stream. Also available is our maintenance product which is a soluble used every month with good margins and an ongoing revenue stream from existing customers.

Example for 2-oz. Bags

ALL DIEHARD™ soil conditioner products contain CORE Ingredients of beneficial fungus of Mycorrhiza fungus and Trichoderma fungus, beneficial bacteria, bio-stimulants of humic acid, sea kelp and yucca; and many contain a horticultural water gel for water and nutrient uptake.

Cost of 10,000 2 oz. bags: $17,500
Sales Price @ $5.95 each: $59,500
PROFIT* $4.15 each: $41,500

We get you up & running in Days instead of Months:
10,000 bags – 4 days
100,000 bags – 4 weeks
Private label bags – 6 weeks

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