Plants are Ready for Season – How Do They Know?

The organisms below ground and the plants above ground certainly are ready; as the days are getting longer, ‘LIFE’ is awakening both above and below the ground.

Did you know that mushrooms are grown in caves and dark rooms and never see the light of day, but sense the seasons? It’s true, mushroom production during the spring is much more robust than in the fall.

How do they know?

They don’t have the benefit of experiencing the differing hours of sunlight; but, somehow they know when its spring and when its fall. It’s a fact that Mycorrhizae fungi physically bond with plant roots to form a mutually beneficial relationship. The plant relies on the mycorrhizae fungi to deliver extra moisture and minerals to the plant. The fungi in turn gets small amounts of carbohydrates from the plant.

Is the plant ‘telling’ the fungi when the seasons change? 

So, Spring is the time to energize the organisms in the ground you tend with DIEHARD™ BioRush®. One pound, BioRush® will treat an acre and the benefits are significant. Organisms in the ground will spring into action converting formerly applied fertilizers and other minerals into soluble foods for Mycorrhizae transferring to the plant roots for nutritional delivery. Healthy plants mean less pesticides, herbicides and maintenance. At $30 an acre, you boost billions of organisms in the ground and pave the way to a sustainable, recognizable benefit to the overall plant health of a property. DIEHARD™ BioRush® is a soluble bio-stimulant that we recommend you use 4-5 times during the growing seasons as an organic approach to plant and turf maintenance and to build strong repeat business.



DIEHARD™ BIORUSH® – This NEXT STEP Product is a guarantee that the transplant gets the “extra kick” it needs six weeks after the initial planting. This blast refreshes the bacteria package and renews vitamins and minors. Use for trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and turf. This product does NOT contain Mycorrhizae or Gels.

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