To maintain good health, we need vitamins and Healthy PROBIOTICS. Plants do too.
Use our soluble, foliar treatment to boost and nurture your soil and plants with a quick green up.

Regular Maintenance:

Many lawns and gardens become depleted of natural microbes due to chemical pesticides or harsh fertilizers. Use these products to boost and maintain plant health with biostimulants (vitamins & minerals), bacteria (probiotics) and fungi (Mycorrhizae & Trichoderma); and these help create an environment for earthworms, well-drained organic matter and a healthy flora beneath the ground.

Remember what you see above the ground is the result of what happened below…AND healthy plants require less maintenance.

DIEHARD™ BioRush®, DIEHARD™ Palm, and DIEHARD™ SoluBoost™ are package friendly and easy to apply.  You can use commercial sprayers, soil drenching or incorporate into a planting medium.

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Learn how BioRush and Soluboost can boost your bottom line and allow you to offer biological and organic programs to your customers.