Most Plants Cannot Live Without Mycorrhizal Roots!

Mycorrhizae attach and expand a plant root system.

The hyphae of the fungus act as a second root system that expands the plants soil to root penetration many times. They solublize soil minerals and increase ater up-take. Many plants can’t grow without mycorrhizae.

What it is!

The living mycorrhizal inoculants contain highly select strains of low host specificity endo-mycorrhizal fungi and ecto-mycorrhizal fungi.

It will quickly colonize the roots of new transplants to provide the best possible conditions for the roots to become mycorrhizal during the establishment period and beyond.

This results is rapid root development

Ingredient List

Tip: Feeding the ground with biostimulants to energize the soil, and adding beneficial bacteria, can make a world of difference for the transplant!

What it does!

Survival, Rooting, Water Absorption, Nutrient Availability, Flowering, Yields and Production

Plant Loss, Fertilizer Use, Need of Pesticides, Heat Stress Damage, Irrigation Frequency, Losses from Drought Conditions.

Mycorrhizal inoculants are combined with other beneficial fungi (Trichoderma), humic acids, biostimulants, beneficial bacteria, soluble sea kelp, yucca plant extracts and organic soil conditioners.

  • Municipal: Our multi-ingredient products offer the depth of initial results combined with long lasting effect. Tax payers never miss a newly planted dead tree. Now you can…
  • Nursery Growers: Grow them as fast as you can and as push them out. Our mycorrhizal soil amendment products ensure that during this push, plant material is not only growing but growing “complete”.
  • Reclamation: Growing anything on a reclaimed site is tough. Our combination of organics, mycorrhizae and biostimulants enable the often impossible to happen.
  • Sports Field: Game day, the joy of seeing your manicured field before the game, and the agony of seeing it ripped to shreds after the game. Through our research we are able to turn around battered turf into your next highlight while dramatically reducing chemical use on these youth playgrounds.
  • Turf: With a variety of products we can offer your turf the care that it is in need of, including biological complete hydromulch compounds.
  • Christmas Tree Growers: Our drench and root dip products are custom blended to fit your exact needs. We are able to provide a product that is an exact fit to your needs, providing a healthy tree.

  • Arborist: Our root injection products are formulated to be mixed at the rate of one 8 oz. bag per 100 gallons of water. This can be added to most fertilizer mixtures.
  • Ag Growers: No matter if you are planting tiny transplants or peach, apple and citrus blocks we can provide you with cost saving measures that ultimately bring each planting to production faster.
  • Green House: Our unique drench products (biostimulants included) offer growers multiple choices for the introduction of beneficial microbes and disease suppression.
  • Green House: Our unique drench products (biostimulants included) offer growers multiple choices for the introduction of beneficial microbes and disease suppression.
  • Forestry: Gels, drenches and dips are some of the options we have to help you and your production.
  • Landscape: Our landscape line of mycorrhizal fungi products are formulated to cover just about any problem, especially during the transition period when hundreds of millions are lost each year while trees and shrubs try to become established.

Mycorrhizal Formulations