Water management gels can be a life saver for newly plants.

Add gels to your potting soil mixes or biological fertilizers

Horta-Sorb® water management gel polymers are substances that absorb hundreds of times their weight in water.  The water absorbed is nearly all available to the plants.  Their use results in managing watering in the root zone of the plant significantly reducing watering maintenance and providing for a more constant supply of water to the roots.

Horta-Sorb® polymers have been used in many areas in horticulture and agriculture for nearly two decades now.  Initially accepted as a bare root dip in forestry their use quickly spread to landscape, greenhouse, nursery, and numerous agricultural markets.  Horta-Sorb® use ranges from bare root gels to hydro-mulching, transplant amendments,  “ice packs” for cut flowers and fresh fish shipments.

Horta-Sorb® super-absorbents are the highest quality gel available today and are available in three particle sizes Horta-Sorb® LG (2.0mm to 4.0mm) – Container media amendment, landscape plantings, Horta-Sorb® MD (1.0mm to 2mm) – Container media amendment, flower bed amendment, turf, and Horta-Sorb® SM (0.3mm to 0.8mm) – Bare Root, tiny container media amendment, hydromulching, each for a particular job and to improve safety and handling.

There are also hundreds of NON-AG applications where gels are successfully used.


Use as a mix amendment to reduce watering, as a gel for root dip or packaging of roots for transport

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Soil moisture gels are a great tool for keeping water in place for root uptake.