The Forest is Nature's Way! Even in the Forest DIEHARD has a Huge Part to Play

Plant – Grow – Harvest.  That’s the name of the game.

Trees require and are most benefited from Mycorrhizal colonization. Our line of complete products, that include endo and ecto Mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria and plant growth enhancers, enable trees to grow faster,  get established with minimal inputs and possibly allow you  to harvest sooner.

We offer two similar compounds for bare root treatments.   The differences are in the ingredients.  One has endomycorrhizae AND ectomycorrhizae and is to treat nearly every type of plant.  The other is ectomycorrhizae only and is formulated for trees which associate with ectomycorrhizae.  Here is a listing of specie types.

Specie List (PDF download)


Nursery Beds - Soluble Foliar

Dry Soluble Endomycorrhizal

Bacteria and Trichoderma

Nursery Beds - Drench Inoculant

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Mycorrhizae fungi are the most effective biological additive for trees. They expand the tree’s root system many times and deliver insoluble minerals and nutrition that would not ordinarily be available.