retail beneficial soil microbes

What do you think your customer does with the plants you ship to them? Do you think they simply plant them in the yard without any forethought, without a plan?  No…When they plant them they are going to use something to plant them. It may be fertilizer, mulch, cow manure, hormones, etc. Who knows? Something, right?  You know they’re going to use something. 

How about showing your customers the “Power and Stamina ” of DIEHARD™ Transplant for trees and shrubs. Ingredients in Transplant include Mycorrhizae fungus for colonization; Trichoderma for aeration, over 100 beneficial powerful Bacteria creating energetic activity; along with Yucca, Humic Acid; and 29% water and nutrient management gel for watering.

Make money for yourself and give your customer AWESOME GROWTH for their plantings

DIEHARD™ products deliver a 2-ounce bag of a compound that is part of a PROVEN, TESTED and VERIFIED SYSTEM THAT WORKS which costs you $2.00 and sell to your online customer $5.95. Use a SYSTEM THAT IS FOOL PROOF? What if it delivered to your customers only 50% of current sales and you made an ADDITIONAL $4.00 PROFIT PER SALE. If you sold 200,000 plants in a year and 50% converted, YOU would earn an additional

$400,000.00 Dollars in Profit

This is not a pipe dream. We have the numbers. We have the customers. This is a PROVEN SYSTEM which has earned our customers over a $1,000,000 this year with virtually no additional cost. This is a NO RISK, SOLID RETURN, PROVEN, TESTED and VERIFIED SYSTEM THAT WORKS, and we want to install it for you as soon as possible. Let’s make some money together and do a good and sustainable thing.

Call us today so we can help get this off the ground. This system will also go a long way in developing repeat customers for life. (Ever think of the life potential of a customer?)