Super absorbent polymers are used for spill control of toxic liquids, body coolers, cat liter, flower arrangements, fire fighting, gel ice, etc., are inert, water swell-able materials which absorb 100’s of times their weight water and aqueous solutions.  The product swells and forms a tight gel that holds water molecules, even under pressure holding hundreds of times its weight in water.

Super absorbent polymers are materials that absorb hundreds of times their weight in water. One kilogram of these materials can absorb over 300 liters of water.  These absorbents are not soluble and therefore do not alter the liquid they absorb.  Super absorbent polymers offer a low cost alternative to conventional absorbents like clay, corn husks, etc.


Body Cooling Gels for Apparel – bandanas, headbands, wrist bands – work, sports, etc. (MD)
(Food Processing – used in place of foods to demonstrate food processing equipment at trade shows and quality control testing (LG)
Baby and Adult Diapers – an estimated 1.5 billion pounds per year in the U.S. alone (SM)
Floral Arrangements – crystal “nuggets” with color added looks really cool!! (LG)
Kitty Litter Additive – holds it plus reduces odor (MD)
Ice Packs – keeps water colder for longer periods – fish, flowers, food, camping, boating, etc. (SM)
Heat Packs – for ease and control of heat pads – body heat packs, food, etc. (SM)
Bait and Gaming Gels – holds scent and soluble baits in traps – fish lure, trap baits, etc. (LG, MD, SM)
Pesticide Gels – makes liquids manageable and remains effective for a much long period of time – spider control in rafters, termites, etc. (LG, MD, SM) 
Spill Control – picks up any aqueous liquid spills quickly – lawn spray companies, etc. Oil/Water Separation – removes water from fuel tanks, filters – farm tractors, trucking, boating, etc. (SM)
Cleaning Gels – holds cleaner on vertical services – rust removers, bleaching agents, etc. (SM)
Fragrance Gels – reduces evaporation, acts to time release – deodorizers, nail shops, etc.. (LG, MD, SM) 
Autopsy Absorbents – stops leakage of body fluids – autopsy, funeral homes, etc. (SM)
Solidify Liquid Wastes – gel liquids for solid waste disposal – industry, bio-medical, etc. (SM)
Fire Fighting Gel – keeps water on the fire surface – forest fires, structure coating, etc. (SM)

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Horta-Sorb® Super Absorbent Gels – Available particle sizes*, characteristics
Horta-Sorb® LG (2-4mm): Absorbs about 300 times its weight in water over a period of 2-3 hours.  Resulting gel resemble “nuggets” of water that look like glass chips about the size of a marble. Some applications are in floral arrangements, imitation “ice” applications, and to replace meat in engineering trials of food processing equipment. 

Horta-Sorb® MD (1-2mm):  Absorbs about 300 times its weight in water over a period of 20-45 minutes.  Resulting gel resemble “nuggets” of water that look like glass chips about the size of a a garden pea.  Used in body coolers, headbands and bandana, water separator for fuel lines and storage tanks applications.

Horta-Sorb® SM (200-800µ(micron))  Absorbs about 300 times its weight in water over a period of a few seconds to a couple of minutes.  Resulting gel solidifies water to consistency from loose apple sauce to hard solid state.  Typical applications are waste solidification, as a lubricant for cable pulling, to absorb water “leaking” from waste being transported to landfills, gelling agent for animal scents for trappers, as an additive to kitty litter, and the list goes on, and on.  Call us to discuss your application. 

*Specific particle sizes available in any size with minimums.  Tell us your requirements.

Horta-Sorb® ST (Original Starch):   (No longer produced due to lack of demand
Starch polymers are not stable and do not last in the ground because they are literately a food source and are consumed by bacteria in the soil.