Be like the Rain Forest.

The rain forest is one of our world's most ancient and life-giving ecosystems. It is full of mystery, mission, and almost a type of... magic?

The Magic of the Rainforest

Magic, in that, this diverse collection of towering trees, bold and beautiful plants, and numerous animals and insects live together in a perfect fluid harmony...

Here's What To Do

1Check for organic matter in your soil.
The darker the soil the more organic matter. Avoid odors of rotten eggs. Signs of waterlogged soil.
2Stop using fungicides
You need the beneficial fungi to connect the whole system.
3Add compost
If your soil isn’t very dark or you know it’s low in organic matter.

Solution? DIEHARDTM  Complete

A Key Component of The Rainforest-

  • One of the foundational components of the rain forest and its tremendous success is THE SOIL.
  • This rich, living soil is full of millions of organisms that are eating, breathing, and dying beings. 
  • This soil is a life-giving home to bacteria, insects, fungi, and plant roots. And its mission is to sustain all that live above and below it.

And one of those beings that makes this happen; and keeps this ancient behemoth flourishing, are the beneficial fungi known as Mycorrhizae.


Mycorrhizae fungi are the valuable fungi that develop in and around plant roots, forming a symbiotic relationship, which helps both the plant and the fungi to live and grow optimally.

Mycorrhizae fungi feed on the carbohydrates (sugars) and other waste excreted by the plant roots.  In turn, the Mycorrhizae fungi form a sweeping root system known as the hyphae for the plants and trees, providing growth and health for the life cycle of the plant. Seems like magic, but its a perfect and wonderful science!

Be Like the Rainforest-

Incorporating mycorrhizae fungi into your landscaping jobs will help you harness the science and magic of the rain forest in your work as a landscape contractor and replicate mother nature’s exquisite science.

Specifically, Mycorrhizae will:

  • 1. Enhance nutrient recycling and water uptake
  • 2-Minimize use and frequency of added fertilizer
  • 3-Boost the resistance to pests and disease
  • 4-Reduce vulnerability to environmental stressors like drought and metals
  • 5-Improve soil structure
  • 6-Increase flower and fruit yield
  • 7-Minimize transplant shock and increase plant establishment and survival at seeding or transplanting

Harness the ancient science of the rainforest and put it to work for you today in your landscaping business. Duplicate nature’s wisdom and give back to the earth while growing your plantings and your business while finding yourself in the Magic of the Rain Forest.

The HOW is not difficult with one or two choices for you and your business and soil. Use Horticultural Alliance expertise with Mycorrhizae and their DIEHARD™ compounds to be more like the Rain Forest in your plantings.

Is it magic?!

Magic, in that, this powerful ecosystem provides us with medicinal plants and scientific breakthroughs that aid the human race to live better

Magic for biologists, in that, there are new discoveries to be made, new healing plants to be cultivated, new species of animals to be named, and new synergies to be discovered within the dense, multi-layered jungle that has incredible breakthroughs for science and practical applications for human interactions and systems

But is it really magic?

Or, is really the fact that the rain forest is the best example of a highly evolved, self-supporting, dynamic, natural ecosystem with living things that work together so perfectly that it sustains this mammoth ecosystem flawlessly?

this powerful ecosystem provides us with medicinal plants and scientific breakthroughs that aid the human race to live better…