Why Specifiy DIEHARD?

The most powerful tool you have in your specifications to ensure a beautiful project.

The job site soils are the largest factor in landscape establishment and also given the least amount of attention during the installation phase.

Specifying DIEHARD Transplant enables your plant material to receive years worth of natural inoculation in seconds. Adding billions of soil bacteria and mycorrhizae at the time of planting reduces transplant stress and lost trees by 50-75%

Sorry But It Will Never Happen!

Unlike tree grates, site furnishings, or paver brands, DIEHARD Transplant is a soil amendment and virtually invisible after installation.

That’s why we have created this page for you to declare your project and enable each landscape contractor to quickly access equal quotes for product. Then, the winning bidder will submit receipts for the purchase of the project for verification by you or the building contractor. 

Bidders will submit their company and contact information into the form and register for a formal quote. Equal quotes are emailed to each bidder. Winning bidder will submit proof of purchase via invoice number

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