Formulations for Success

Adding to a new planting hole or applying to plants already established will dictate dry or liquid applications.

Core Products

Dry Granules:

DIEHARD™ TRANSPLANT – Used for all landscape installation and plantings in general. Add to the top 10 inches of back-fill at the label rate.

DIEHARD™ COMPLETE – Includes less super absorbent gel (5% vs 29%) than  DIEHARD™  TRANSPLANT, for applications in amended flower beds, under new sod, or when gels are not an urgent factor.

Soluble Powders:

DIEHARD™ BioRush®  and BioRush® Plus (no Mycorrhizae) – Liquids that can be a universal product. Spray over the top of lawns or flower beds, or root inject for re-occurring applications to landscapes and established trees and shrubs.

DIEHARD™ Injectables – Liquids that should be injected directly into the soil in the root zone when both Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae are needed.

DIEHARD Ecto-Injectables – Liquids that should be injected directly into the soil in the root zone when only Ecto Mycorrhizae are needed.

DIEHARD Solu-Boost™ – Liquid for application where only Endo Mycorrhizae are needed. Can be used as a soil drench also.

Root Dips:

DIEHARD™ Root Dip – Use our blend of Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma, Rhizobacteria, and bio-stimulants mixed with super fine gels to hold and cling to bare root stock for tree farms and nurseries.

DIEHARD™ Ecto Root Dip – Same as Root Dip but with Ecto Mycorrhizae only for Christmas tree farms and other conifer tree farms.