yucca plant

When you think of a lush and thriving garden, the arid Southwest is not what comes to mind. Plants in the desert and high, dry plains need to be tough and you can see the difference in their appearance.

The yucca plant is one of these. It is hardy enough to handle hot, dry, windy conditions that would make other plants wilt away. The yucca is built to handle stress.

Fortunately for us all, there is a way to harness the hardiness of yucca and apply it to gardens and landscapes everywhere else, and we use it widely. Here’s the how and why.

Making Water Better

Yucca extracts are compatible with other substances and even microscopic life. When applied to other types of plants, these extracts introduce the same benefits that make yucca thrive in its harsh environment.

Notable for a desert plant is the way yucca handles water. To make the most of a scarce resource, yucca extract contains natural chemicals that actually break up water droplets for more even spreading. This ensures that water nourishes the leaves evenly and reaches the finest root hairs under the soil.

This surfactant activity and resulting protective film also protects against pockets and channels forming in your soil. It’s the nature of yucca against the nature of water, and yucca wins. Water has a way of making trenches, especially when it comes too heavy or too fast. Upon the next irrigation, water follows the same channels time after time. When this happens around a plant’s roots, you end up with eroded valleys at a microscopic level. These dry pockets are devoid of nutrients and will often develop harmful salts. But not when yucca extract is there to protect!

Feeding the Biome

Yucca benefits go beyond the plant itself. Yucca extracts contain complex carbohydrates that feed micro-organisms. So when applied as part of an integrated solution containing live biologicals (like in our Diehard Transplant or BioRush® soil amendments, for example), yucca extract serves the plant and serves our beneficial microbials at the same time!

It’s like a slow-release buffet for fungi and bacteria, pairing well with the sugars the plant will be providing. Happy, well-fed microbials are then best able to do their vital work for the plant.

Part of a Total Solution

None of our ingredients are there by accident. They all serve a purpose – and sometimes several!

To foster maximum plant performance, we go under the sea for rich nutrients and into the desert for hardiness. For the stress and hard conditions you can’t control, enhance your plant’s ability to thrive by giving it special strength from within – with yucca!