Soil Amendment Products

Transplant soil amendment for trees and shrubs containing mycorrhizal fungi root inoculant compounds.
Since 1997, has become the industry standard…

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Why Fertilizer

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Horticultural Alliance, Inc. for Forward Thinking Professionals

The Organic Approach To Plant Health And Excellence

Soil amendments & soil conditioners with Mycorrhizal Fungi, Root Inoculants from Horticultural Alliance.

ALL DIEHARD™ soil amendment products contain CORE Ingredients of: beneficial fungus – Mycorrhiza fungus and Trichoderma fungus; beneficial bacteria; bio-stimulants of humic acid, sea kelp and yucca; and many contain a horticultural water gel for water and nutrient uptake.


Complete satisfaction with all products from Horticultural Alliance, Inc. is guaranteed.

In nearly every case our products are the best value

Proven Soil Amendment Products and Soil Conditioners with Mycorrhizal Fungi, Bio-Stimulants & Root Inoculants for Gardeners, Landscapers & Growers

Special Products & Solutions

Horticultural Alliance soil amendments, soil conditioners and root
inoculants have formats available for private label marketing.

Soil Amendments & Soil Conditioners

Our products contain a whole lot more than mycorrhizal fungi. We add other ingredients besides mycorrhizae to “stack-the-deck” with as many solid technologies that we can to make sure that our soil amendment products simply cannot be used without seeing a significant difference in the performance of a plant.

Solutions for Landscape Architects

As a Landscape Architect, you know that client loyalty is built on results. And Results Matter! Results come from the company that wrote the book and set the standards in the industry. We offer the most complete soil amendment products, with mycorrhizae for the professional landscape trade, in the world.

Private Label DIEHARD Transplant

Include DIEHARD Transplant soil conditioner with your plant shipments. Private Labeling is available in your own company business theme, design and bag size, i.e. a 1-2 oz. bag. Your Private Label maintains a close connection to the excellence provided to your satisfied customer through your other products and services.