Cost of Using Live Mycorrhizae inoculants

In searching the internet to buy soil microbes including mycorrhizae it is hard to find answers-

“What is the cost of using biological planting supplements? Should I buy them?”

In truth, the majority of applications turn out to be the “low cost” alternative that most never use – at least not yet. Take tree plantings as an example. To treat a 2-inch caliper tree it costs as little as $6.00* to employ-

multi-specie endo and ecto-Mycorrhiza (+45 million spores), 12.5B colony-forming beneficial bacteria (17 species), 6M spores Trichoderma (3 species), humic acid (55 g.), sea kelp (22 g.), and a horticultural gel (66 g.).


This small investment yields tremendous benefits:

1. Less transplant shock, therefore, BETTER RESULTS. Better Results lead to repeat business through customer satisfaction

2. Less establishment maintenance, pesticide, fungicide  and fertilizer use; less resets and down time WITH less headaches

3. Less costs of replacements, down time and complaints

So as you can see, with tree plantings the question is not so much about the cost of using biological materials, as it is about the cost of NOT using these biological elements.