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DIEHARD™ BIORUSH® 3-1-2 is a Homeowners Dream.

In a handy shaker can, this product is always by your side, when planting, to sprinkle on each planting as your All-In-One soil solution. DIEHARD™ BioRush® 3-1-2 breathes life into your soil with Naturally Occurring Mycorrhizae, Biostimulants, Sea Kelp, Humic Acid, and Beneficial Bacteria. This product is Eco-Friendly Easy-to-Use for All Plants Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants**

Benefits : • Increases Root Mass • Flowering • Improved color • Transplant Survival • Nutrient Availability • Yields and Production • Reduced Frost Damage • Water & Nutrient Absorption • Improved Plant Performance, especially under stress

House Plants

Transplanting: Use DIEHARD™ Transplant (w/more gel) mixed with your regular potting mix. (Each 8 oz. bag is mixed with your potting mix. (Each 8 oz. bag is mixed with 15 gallons of potting mix (3 – 5-gallon buckets). Use a potting mix that does not have a gel in it as the DIEHARD™ Transplant has the gel included.

Already Potted: With a pencil, poke one hole for every inch diameter of the pot about 2/3’s of the depth of the container. Using DIEHARD™ BioRush® 3-1-2 or DIEHARD™ Transplant, for more gel, put 1/8th teaspoon into each hole and push the top of the hole shut. Example: To treat a hanging basket 8 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep poke 8 holes about 4 inches deep and distribute into the 8 holes (ONE TEASPOON TOTAL) of product.

Maintenance of House Plants: Every 4-6 weeks during the growing season mix one teaspoon DIEHARD™ BioRush® with one gallon of water used to water plants. Solution should be applied so as not to overflow onto floors or carpet to avoid stains, etc. Can be sprinkled dry on to the surface of the pot at 1/4 teaspoon per 1 gallon container.


Plants grown in the commercial nursery never develop the immune systems and mechanisms to deal with drought, disease, pests and predators that they would naturally develop if given the chance. Nursery grown plants planted into the new landscape typically must “wait” for Mother Nature to bring the rest of the pieces to the party to finish making it a complete plant before the plant can flourish.This is why when you plant new landscapes, plants go into “transplant shock” and can take months, or even years, to recover and become productive additions to the landscape. In the meantime, these “limping zebra’s” are the targets for all of the predators and often perrish before they can defend themselves. If only we could “jump start” all of these natural systems the plant could take off quicker and be more natural and healthy sooner. Well, now you can. You won’t believe the differences that the ingredients in our products will make on your landscape.

Transplanting Trees & Shrubs: Use DIEHARD™ Transplant following label instructions printed on bag. Simply sprinkle the product adjacent to the root ball when planting and get ready to “dazzle” your neighbors. With over 100 ingredients this products simply cannot be used without seeing a significant difference.

Existing Trees & Shrubs in Decline: Use DIEHARD™ Complete following label instructions. Even a 200 year old oak tree responds to this treatment. Finally, a product that boosts PLANT HEALTH. Instead of watching a cherished tree go into decline give it a continuing dose of what has worked for 460 million years.

Maintenance of Trees & Shrubs: Use DIEHARD™ BioRush® following label instructions. This product can be the “key” to “unlocking” fertilizers that have been applied, but remain unavailable to the plant, by providing food for bacteria in the ground; thereby, increasing organic populations which solublize soil minerals for the roots to absorb. “Amazing” results are not unusual..

Planting Palms: Use DIEHARD™ Palm Transplant which contains all of the bio-systems formulate that the palms need to flourish in the landscape. Also, contains a gel for water management and to reduce transplant shock.

Establishing Flower Beds: Use DIEHARD™ Complete at the rate of 2 lbs per 100 square feet of bed following label instructions. Wait until you pull out the flowers to change the beds and see how much bigger the root systems are – you won’t believe your eyes!! Plus with all of the other beneficial organisms in the products, disease pressure and the ability of your plants to deal with heat, drought and predators is greatly enhanced.

Existing Flower Beds: Poke 3 – 4 holes – every square foot – 5″ deep with a broom handle or similar object. Measure out one cup of DIEHARD™ Complete and deposit it into a one gallon container. Fill the remainder of the container with soil from your flower bed. Pour everything onto a clean garbage bag and “shake n bake” mixing contents thoroughly for one minute. Deposit the resulting mixture into each hole. Sharpen your pruning sheers.

Vegetables & Flowers: Use DIEHARD™ Root Dip to dip the roots of all vegetable and flower transplants before planting.


Vegetable Transplants: Use DIEHARD™ Root Dip to treat all vegetable and flower transplants. Seeding: Apply DIEHARD™ Complete 1/2 inch below seed in row at a rate of 1/4 tsp per seed or 1 tsp per running foot of row.

Periodic Maintenance: (4-5 times during growing season) Use DIEHARD™ BioRush® following label instructions for green up and photosynthesis.

If you have any questions and think that I can help drop me an e-mail and I will answer it right away.

Happy GARDENING ! ! !

Best, Jim Quinn, President & Founder

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