• 7 Species and 90,800 Spores per pound of Endomycorrhizal Fungi
  • Packaging: 1 lb., 25 lb. bags, 40 to a pallet, 1,540 lb. tote
  • General Purpose – Potting and Soil Amendment

7 Species and 90,800 Spores per pound of Endomycorrhizal Fungi.

What it is!

ECOVAM™ VAM Endo Granular is used as s a soil amendment in media at as low as 1/4 lb. per cu. yd.

This results are quick root adaption to “real world conditions”

Tip: Protects the plant from predators and establishes conditions for strong, healthy, plants

What it does!

Survival, Rooting, Water Absorption, Nutrient Availability, Plant Health, Soil Health, Flowering, Yields and Production

Plant Loss, Fertilizer Use, Need of Pesticides, Heat Stress Damage, Irrigation Frequency, Losses from Drought Conditions.

This One-Time Application of seven species of Endomycorrhiza fungi

What it contains!

Contains Seven Species of
Endomycorrhiza (VAM fungi):

Glomus intraradices
Glomus mosseae
Glomus deserticola
Glomus claroideum
Glomus etunicatum
Glomus microaggregatum
Glomus clarium

How to use it!

  • Use EcoVam™ Vam Endo Granular by tilling into the ground, banding with seed and fertilizers, with rooting gels, hydromulching, vertimulch, potting soil amendment, and numerous other techniques that place the product into direct physical contact with roots of plants.

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