DIEHARD™ Humate SP is 100% soluble potassium-sodium humate powder that acts as a natural soil and plant growth stimulant.




What it is!

DIEHARD™ Humate SP is potassium-sodium humate powder that acts as a natural soil and plant growth stimulant. It is a dark brown to black powder with an 95% humic acid content. DIEHARD™ Humate SP is 100% soluble in water. It is easily assimilated by plants and some of its main functions include improving plant immunity, improving plant metabolism, improving plant root development, improving the supply of plant nutritional elements and increasing the formation of ferments. DIEHARD™ Humate SP promotes the increased accumulation of chlorophyll, sugar, amino acids and more and improves the efficiency of nitrogen utilization, allowing for reduced fertilizer rates. One of the primary actions of DIEHARD™ Humate SP is to increase the plant’s ability to withstand the stresses of heat, drought, cold, disease, insect and other types of environmental or cultural pressures. DIEHARD™ Humate SP also increases general plant productivity, in terms of yield, as well as plant stem strength. Within the soil, DIEHARD™ Humate SP stimulates soil microorganisms, promoting Humus formation.

Tip: Follow up with DIEHARD BioRush® for Maintenance for "Hand Up"!

What it does!

Survival, Rooting, Nutrient Availability, Plant Health, Soil Health

Stimulates Plant Growth
Increases Cell Wall Permeability
Increases Micro Biological Activity
Stress Relief/Tolerance Agent
Wetting agent, Sticking Agent

Full Water Solubility Over a Broad pH Range

       Both acid & alkaline soluble – pH <0.5 to pH 14.0

       Solutions will not precipitate in phosphoric acid

Versatile Product Form

       Available as a completely soluble powder.

High Rio-available Humic Acid Assay

       Proprietary extraction and modification process                                                                                   maximizes humate content

       Made from the highest quality North American leonardite.

       High % humate content provides superior performance on a pound per pound basis.

       Low solution viscosity at high humic acid concentrations provides for easy mixing  and pumping

What it contains!

 Derived from Leonardine, 95% Humic Acids

How to use it!

Irrigation Applications
When making soil treatments through irrigation equipment, the total amount of DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP to be used should be thoroughly pre-mixed in a separate container before adding it to the final irrigation tank or system. DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP has a particle size ranging from 50-80 microns and will not block irrigation openings if it is properly pre-mixed with water. It is important to keep the final concentration of DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP to water being emitted to the soil within the parameters listed below. It may be necessary to adjust the irrigation system to deliver more or less water per acre per cycle to deliver the desired amount of DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP listed for the crop you are treating.
Foliar Applications
All crops will benefit from foliar applications of humic acids when it fits into the crop management practice. Foliar applications should be made in addition to the soil treatments. Foliar applications should be made at the rate of 3 to 6 ounces of DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP per acre per treatment. Foliar treatments with DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP are strongly recommended during four growth stages of the crop: immediately before the appearance of buds, before blossoming, after the flowers have fallen, and during ripening. When soil treatments are not possible, foliar treatments may be made every 14 days using 3 ounces of DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP per acre. It is important to always use DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP within the concentration parameters listed below.
Maximum Concentration – 1 ounce DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP per 5.5 gallons of water.
Optimal Concentration – 1 ounce DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP per 55 gallons of water
Minimum Concentration -1 ounce DIEHARD™ HUMATE SP per 110 gallons of water
Additional Notes
When applied together with fertilizers or pesticides, the use of humate increases the efficiency of the companion materials. In most cases, systemic pesticide rates can be reduced by 25% or more when the humate is added to the application. The total annual need for nitrogen can be reduced by 30% or more when the full program of soil treatments using humate are applied to the crop. In all cases, we suggest using personal experience and experimentation to determine the rates of companion products that will provide acceptable performance.

All humate powders contain a small portion of mineral content that is not soluble in water. If humate powders are added directly to a final spray or irrigation tank (not pre-mixed and settled in a separate container), the insoluble portion will settle to the bottom of the tank once any agitation is stopped. When high concentrations of humate powders are added to the final spray or irrigation tank and the liquid is not fully run-out (applied), the insoluble material that settles to the bottom may necessitate more frequent tank and filter cleaning.

Humates have proven compatible with virtually all companion products except those with a very low pH. In laboratory experiments, no problems have been found other than when companion materials have a pH less than 3.0. However, if there is any doubt about compatibility, a jar test is strongly recommended. To be safe, a jar test is recommended with any material that has a pH less than 4.0.

Product Information

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