DIEHARD Transplant vs. ROOTS Tree Saver

Take a look at this side by side comparison showing DIEHARD and TreeSaver are not equal.

DIEHARD is Priced Better Too.

When you make a comparison based on the diversity of species, the amounts of microbes and bio-stimulants, and the cost per application, you see the DIEHARD difference. A better value based on quantity, quality, freshness, and diversity.

Key Aspects of Value

1Species Diversity
One of the few instances where more is better.

Are you buying filler or real live organisms? 

These ingredients can degrade over long periods of time in the package.

Solution? DIEHARD™

This article is written for the person who has an understanding of how mycorrhizae, thrichoderma, and rhizobacteria work with plant growth and plant communities. For those needing a refresher course you can see great videos here:

Here is a great video about how mycorrhizae fungi can enable communication and cooperation between trees in a forest.

Here is a great video showing how rhizobacteria change the physiology of cucumber plants which stops beetles from feeding and thus controls bacterial wilt spread by the beetle.

Here is a great video showing how bacteria use fungal hyphae as way to travel in the soil.

After watching those videos you should be able to see the importance of combining different genus as well as species in the same mix to maximize the interactions between the microbial community and the plant community. Science is just starting to focus on these processes. The research so far is very positive as is the results people are getting from using these products.

Now that you are committed to mycorrhizae, trichoderma, and rhizobacteria you need the best brand possible.

Trichoderma is a major fungal antagonist

It reduces fungal pathogens to suppressive levels. This is when the disease is present but no apparent damage can be observed.

In their defensive actions, Trichoderma spp. apply lytic enzymes (Kubicek et al. ; Viterbo et al. ), proteolytic enzymes (Kredics et al. ; Suarez et al. ; Chen et al. ), ABC transporter membrane pumps (Ruocco et al. ), diffusible or volatile metabolites (Calistru et al. ; Eziashi et al. ), and other secondary metabolites (Reino et al. )

They succeed by their impairing growth conditions of pathogens

. 2010 Jul; 87(3): 787–799.
Published online 2010 May 12. doi: 10.1007/s00253-010-2632-1
PMCID: PMC2886115
PMID: 20461510
Biology and biotechnology of Trichoderma

Check out this comparison below.

You will see the DIEHARD™ has more amounts of ingredients. It has a more diverse list of species and genera. Plus Trichoderma is a major player in plant health. It’s a ubiquitous organism that inhabits all parts of the globe. Boosting this crucial organism can have a real benefit to your next project.