Applying Mycorrhizae Will Pay For Itself.

Every dead plant is costing you a ton of money. Savings = Revenue

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You can see how using DIEHARD mycorrhizae can be a powerful force toward profitability. Check the calculator at the bottom of the page to see how using DIEHARD mycorrhizae can save so much money from less plant loss.

Seeing This?

Is This Happening?

1Is the soil your planting in rich and fertile?
Probably not. In fact, if you think that soil from 5-10.ft deep for the foundation and site work has organic matter and forest microbes, your wrong!
2Did the plants come with proper biologicals?
No. Nursery plants are gorwn for speed with artificial fertilzers. The nursery has no choice but to grow them as fast as possible. It’s not their fault.
3Having establishment problems?
If you don’t inoculate your root system at planting, your missing the most important step to transition your plantings from the nursery to a natural environment.

Solution? DIEHARDTM Transplant

And yes, we are creative people.

But at the end of the day I can’t spend creativity. I’m here to make money. If beauty gushes all over the place as I “rock on down the street”, then great.

Nothing’s worse than having a great year with Great Growth, Great Volumes, Great Moral, but not great end of year profits. You know one of those guys. You were one of those guys. Or hopefully not, you are one now.

Where did all the money go?”

How much is a dead 1” caliper tree, which cost you $100.00, worth? 

  • $100.00 replacement tree
  • $100.00+ lost revenue for planting a FREE tree
  • $200.00+ labor and labor burden
  • $ 50.00 misc.
  • $450.00+ TRUE COST OF DEAD TREE. 

 Now check this out!

A landscape contractor plants 100 – 1” caliper trees costing $100.00 each.  He or she has a 5% loss rate for a job of this nature.

  • 100 trees @ $100.00 each
  • $10,000.00 total plant cost
  • $300.00 to treat trees with DIEHARD™ Transplant (3% of plant costs)

ADDING DIEHARD TRANSPLANT WILL CUT YOUR LOSSES ON AVERAGE 70-80%. This is verified from 20+ years of customer reports and reviews.

Now calculate the same job with an investment of $300.00 worth of DIEHARD™ Transplant with a lower loss rate of 1%.

  • $0.00 investment in DIEHARD™ Transplant
  • 5 dead trees – $2250.00 lost cash flow and profits


  • $300.00 investment in DIEHARD™
  • 1 dead tree – $450.00 lost cash flow and profits
  • ($1800.00) cost savings. NOTE: This revenue is critical for cash flow.

So, an expense is only an expense if it doesn’t carry its own weight. So, as business owners we must focus on what we don’t see as much as what we do. Finding hidden holes in your cash flow is an art. Fortunately, we have your back.

If you want to find out more about the science behind soil probiotics and how they eliminate transplant shock call us for a free consultation. We can customize a biological program for your organization that builds REPEAT business and your bottom line.