Landscape Architect and Design Build can benefit from beneficial soil fungi and bacteria added to native soils.

“Today we have great opportunity to redefine public spaces, as the value of parks and innovative open space design are in the news and have the eyes of the public. We need to use this momentum and set the standard for excellent open space design; these are exciting times for Landscape Architects!”     Unspecified Landscape Architect, 2017

According to Jim Quinn, President, Horticultural Alliance, whom I know as “The Wizard”- 

“As I traveled this year, especially on the Landscape Architect circuit, I received the same answers to the age old question: “What challenges do Landscape Architects and Design Builders deal with today?”


Landscape Architects most want their place in community design and in all aspects of parks and outdoor design, so prominent at this time. We all know that green design and the use of local/native plantings have now become common place in plantings. (As they should) Staying abreast of current trends facilitate a more complete finished project.

­­­­­Landscape Architects have green in their professional DNA, along with training to promote sustainability, while watching out for ‘mother earth’ and her offspring, always with economic responsibility.

Interesting that a couple LA’s we spoke with were promoting lowering costs by not moving so much earth (including the biological components present), and then adding mounds of dirt and peat; but are promoting adding soil amendments to insure optimum growth without the use of pesticides or fungicides OR DIRT!


Truly brilliant, these Landscape Architects. Natural is the way!

We, too, are part of an organization for promoting natural plantings; thereby, eliminating some of the invasive plants which we are now trying to get rid of in many areas.


So, too, have many Landscape Architects found the benefits of DIEHARD™Transplant when transplanting a new tree.  AND, to assist their challenge regarding the budget (while they pray for more than 5% of building costs for landscaping); the COST OF DIEHARD™Soil Amendment Products are .006% of the total project. 


     Inoculated  Tree               Untreated Tree


DIEHARD™ Transplant, granular soil amendments with Mycorrhizae Fungus, Humic Acid, Sea Kelp, Trichoderma Fungus, and a HUGE, Powerful Bacteria package award the landscape design with awesome growth.

Respectfully submitted

Elaine Quinn,VP Marketing

Horticultural Alliance