About Us


We’ve been in business since 1997. Our founder Jim Quinn has supplied the horticultural, forestry and agricultural markets with innovative products since 1979. We have been a leader in the natural plant health care market since the “Green Revolution” started. We are a family owned, small business that treats our employees like we do our customers – with honesty and integrity.

We were the first company in the “Green Industry” to offer all of the ingredients in our products to our CUSTOMERS to customize their own “cocktails” for any specific needs.

We continue to strive to earn our place with our CUSTOMERS; and are always mindful that the real measurement of how good we are to our customers is the impact that we have on their bottom line – and indeed our own bottom line.

From the supply side, our strategy is to seek out companies in our markets that have value-added technology and incorporate these technologies into a successful and profitable sales and marketing program that is anchored by direct contact with CUSTOMERS. Presently, the Company’s alliances with TRADING PARTNERS in these industries are creating truly unique products that combine numerous technologies into “you’ll see the difference” every single time.

We are always mindful that all energy comes from the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is the “SUN” in our logo and we never forget this.

Our Philosophy

Horticultural Alliance, Inc.’s philosophy is to market the best products possible for its markets, deal honestly and fairly with our customers by providing the best information and service possible to merit and earn their trust, and to deal fairly with our business associates.

We believe that all energy comes from our customers – the SUN in our logo – and respect and cherish the opportunity to serve you.

James “Jim” J. Quinn, MBA, CPA
President and Founder