ALL DIEHARD™ plant, soil amendment products contain CORE Ingredients:
Mycorrhiza fungus, Trichoderma fungus, beneficial bacteria, bio-stimulants of humic acid, sea kelp and yucca; and many contain a horticultural gel for water and nutrient uptake and management.

We offer solution driven products for the landscape, arbor, nursery and agricultural markets; backed with over 20 years of experience to produce the latest advancements in biological products to make your job easier and less costly.

DIEHARD™ Transplant for Trees and Shrubs enables damaged soils, devoid of biologicals, to rebuild organic matter and establish vital fungal and bacterial communities that prevent or eliminate transplant shock and plant loss.  Further, these ingredients protect the root systems from harmful organisms in the ground enabling plants to thrive and grow in an unprecedented manner.

Lawn care clients want alternatives to harsh chemicals. DIEHARD™ BioRush® gives lawns carefully formulated compounds containing high amounts of bacterial species, as well as humic acid, sea kelp, yucca extracts and soil conditioners, all for a quick green up.  Wanna build organic levels in the soil?  This is the way to do it while at the same time reducing the levels of fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides to keep the property looking good.

DIEHARD™ products help new seedlings establish quickly and prevent losses due to shock or drought. Our products contain a spectrum of beneficial fungi and bacteria to help new seedlings grow faster than with chemical fertilizers alone.  From the nursery, to shipping, to out-planting operations, Horta-Sorb® and DIEHARD™ products offer exceptional advantages to boost survival and shorten growing cycles.

Tree care professionals need solutions for large existing trees in decline. Our DIEHARD™ Injectables are perfect for deep root feeding. DIEHARD™ Root Reviver, granular can be added to back fill after air spading or as a vertimulch for trees and shrubs in decline.  Periodic treatment with our PROBIOTIC DIEHARD™ BioRush® line, can literally transform a “ho hum” landscape into a breathtaking landscape.  If you are looking for a PHC partner consider joining forces with DIEHARD™ and its team of tree care professionals.

Sourcing quality and consistency in raw materials is not an easy task.  We have over 20 years experience sourcing ingredients in the biological field.  We’ve purchased dead products from well-known companies and literally taught them how to verify quality, how to store products, and how to keep fresh quality in the pipe line.  We can save you years in finding quality.  Ours products are tried and true.  Others are anyone’s guess.
We ship bulk orders of our ingredients all over the world; and, we can help you with you project or products.

Natural, organic lawn and landscape maintenance needs the power of DIEHARD™ bacterial blends to enable turf, trees, and shrubs to flourish in an established landscape.   These products are “PROBIOTICS” and as part of an ongoing maintenance program, build plant strength from bottom to top; and, with routine treatments turn typical plants into “botanical garden” quality. 

Our DIEHARD™ line of soluble, plant enhancing, soil amendments and biological conditioners for the nursery professional can be run through commercial drip systems with ease.  Our granular products, too, can be used as a media amendment to accomplish many nursery goals including increased time between irrigation cycle and to extend shelf life in a retail setting.  We also offer private label opportunities for retailers and internet sale nursery operators.

Bio-fertilization is the future of agriculture. DIEHARD™COMPLETE, DIEHARD™Advantage, DIEHARD™Solu-Boost, and DIEHARD™Root Dip products offer a variety of application methods for both dry or wet application equipment, with one of highest concentrations of microbes per gram found in the industry.  From vegetables to fruit and nut orchards the applications are numerous and the benefits accrue from year to year to boost quality and quantity.

For very large applications, or as an ingredient in your own products, live Mycorrhizae in bulk quantities can be a reality.  We have years of experience growing Mycorrhizae and creating solution-driven products.  If you are a soil company, hydroponic formulator,  specialty turf or AG manufacturer,  look no further for a rock-solid supplier who wrote the book on quality.  Contact us for more information about commercial orders, private label, or formulation assistance.

Horticultural gels are a necessity in commercial soil mixes and dry applications.   Our team has been working with gels since 1979 and literally wrote the book on their use.  We know the nursery industry should be using gels to increase shelf life and reduce losses.  We know dozens of applications in numerous industries.  We maintain sufficient inventory and can supply any quantity you need.